We’re looking for male and female models ages 18-40 with some moderate to serious ink for a FREE photo shoot with kick-ass professional photographer Daniel Anderson of Revolt Studios throughout the month of September and October.

Each shoot will be shoot as both Editorial and Life Style concepts and select shoots will include video for promo and behind the scenes footage. Models filmed will receive copies of footage for personal use and marketing.

Note: Submitting to this casting it does not guarantee you will be selected for the Inked Project Free Shoot. We would like to shoot everyone but unfortunately we have limited sessions available. You will be notified via email if you were selected to participate or not. If you’re not selected please don’t be discouraged to work with us we’ll have more shoots just like this throughout the year. Notifications will be emailed within 3 business days of submission.

This is a Trade Shoot
Models must be ages 18-40 male or female in overall good shape.
Model wardrobe should include swimwear, undies, t-shirts, boy shorts, jeans, various tops etc. We want your private parts covered but show as much skin as possible, outfits will be approved by our in-house stylist.

Models must have moderate to serious ink for example full sleeves and or major body coverage:

Models must be located within the United States, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Canada within 30 miles of a major city. Each participating model will be required to review and sign our Trade Contract Agreement.

In accordance to our Trade Agreement each participating model will receive:

  • 4 Wardrobe Changes per Model
  • 2 Edited / Retouched Images (One of Photographers Pick , One of Models Pick)
  • All unedited images up to 200 frames available for download within 14-days prior of shoot completion.
    If filmed, you will receive copies of edited footage for your personal use and marketing purposes video
    footage could take longer for delivery and should not be expected in 14-days unless otherwise notified.
  • 4 Publication Submissions per Model, we will properly submit your best shots to ink related publications.
  • Submission to our casting directory for paid assignments, each model we work with on
    a trade basis depending on overall shoot performance and results will be submitted to our
    industry only private client directory accessible only to our top clients looking to book
    paid assignments.

Revolt Inked Project will run Sept. 1, 2017 thru Oct. 21, 2017. All participating models must review and sign the Trade Contract Agreement to participate. Revolt Studios and the photographer Daniel Anderson make no other warranties except those expressed in the Trade Contract Agreement. In the event of inclement weather your shoot may be rescheduled or cancelled furthermore:

I HEREBY ASSUME ALL OF THE RISKS OF PARTICIPATING AND/OR VOLUNTEERING IN THIS ACTIVITY OR EVENT, including by way of example and not limitation, any risks that may arise from negligence or
carelessness on the part of the persons or entities being released, from dangerous or defective equipment or property owned, maintained, or controlled by them, or because of their possible liability without fault. I certify that I am
physically fit, have sufficiently prepared or trained for participation in the activity or event, and have not been advised to not participate by a qualified medical professional. I certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude my participation in this activity or event. I acknowledge that this Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form will be used by the event holders, sponsors, and organizers of the activity or event in which I may participate, and that it will govern my actions and responsibilities at said activity or event. In consideration of my application and permitting me to participate in this event, I hereby take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns as follows:

(A) I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE from any and all liability, including but not limited to, liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released, for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to me including my traveling to and from this event, THE FOLLOWING ENTITIES OR PERSONS: Revolt Studios and Daniel Anderson, their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives, and agents, the activity or event holders, activity or event sponsors, activity or event volunteers;

(B) I INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, AND PROMISE NOT TO SUE the entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made as a result of participation in this activity or event, whether
caused by the negligence of release or otherwise. I acknowledge that Revolt Studios and Daniel Anderson and their directors, officers,volunteers, representatives, and agents are NOT responsible for the errors, omissions, acts, or failures to act of any party or entity conducting a specific event or activity on behalf of Revolt Studios. I acknowledge that this activity or event may involve physical activity, and may carry with it the potential for death,
serious injury, and property loss. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident, and/or illness during this activity or event. I understand that at this event or related
activities, I may be photographed. I agree to allow my photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the event holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, and assigns. The accident waiver and release of liability shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.

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Include in Subject: Ink Project

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