What is Image Licensing?

Photographers own the rights to images and video they produce and, by means of a contract, they license specific rights to the client that wants to use the photographs and/or video. The client paying for this license does not have the right to use the images beyond the scope of the license agreement.

There are two ways for clients to obtain a license to use images and video: by commissioning a photographer to fulfill a specific request, commonly called Assignment Photography, or by licensing the use of an existing image/video, known as Stock Photography/Footage. Revolt Studios licenses our images/videos in both ways.

Assignment Photography is a primarily a service business that creates photographs/videos. Assignment Photographers are predominantly independent photographers hired directly by the end user or by a representative of the end user, such as an advertising agency or design firm who mainly shoot Fashion, Editorial, Lifestyle and Commercial Images and Video.

Revolt Studios is an Assignment Photography and Video Production company.

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